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Standout Leadership

Every BioScience Communications account team is a custom blend of content, strategy, and executional expertise – directed by our leadership shown below

Mark Deitch


Since founding the company in 1995, Mark Deitch has overseen the growth of BioScience Communications as a global medical communications, science writing, and science visualization firm. Mark heads our Regulatory Preparation Team, applying his science-writing skills and industry experience to develop briefing materials and presentations for clients’ critical FDA Advisory Committee meetings. He provides ongoing senior counsel and strategic direction on messaging/narrative programs and publication planning. Mark lives with his wife Diane in Ossining, New York, where they pursue interests in community service, performing arts, and food and wine.

Stephanie Sarokin

General Manager

Stephanie joined BioScience Communications in 1997, bringing with her decades of professional education experience, developing HCP-targeted programs for national and global accounts. As General Manager, she tends at once to the bottom line and to the human factors that foster creative teamwork, scientific rigor, and flawless execution. Her institutional knowledge is invaluable to her effectiveness as trouble-shooter. Stephanie also works closely with Accounts and Finance personnel to ensure that BioScience is accurate and transparent in its client billings. Stephanie lives in Montclair, New Jersey. She has been playing tennis since the age of 6 and enjoys traveling.

Stacey George

EVP, Medical Communications & Compliance

In addition to her duties as Chair of the BioScience Compliance Committee and member of Edelman’s US Data and Privacy Committee, Stacey designs and implements communication and publication plans for a wide spectrum of products—from OTC to biologics. She develops content and spearheads expert identification and engagement, and works closely with clients to determine who their target audiences are and what are the best avenues for reaching them. A voracious reader (150 books last year), Stacey lives in Alexandria, Virginia with her husband and her dog, Spartacus.

Aysha Venjara

EVP, Creative Director

Aysha has touched nearly every kind of work produced at BioScience, invariably resulting in cutting-edge deliverables that benefit from her diverse background in bench research, medical editorial, scientific illustration, and design. She spearheaded the formation of our award-winning Science Visualization Group (SVG), which translates complex concepts and data into accessible visual communications by way of infographics, animation, interactive digital, and immersive media, including virtual reality. Aysha makes good things grow outside of the office as well—pursuing her passion for biodynamic agriculture and raising chickens at her home north of New York City.

Marlies Winter

EVP, Publications & Science Strategy

Another stalwart from the company’s earliest years, Marlies directs global communications planning for compounds at every stage of development, from preclinical and early clinical trials to postmarketing phases. Seasoned in all aspects of medical communications, Marlies has led highly successful and integrated programs involving message architecture development, science identity creation, scientific publication planning and execution, thought leader engagement, and peer-to-peer education—in multiple therapeutic categories across North America, Europe, and Asia. Marlies lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband and daughter and is a lover of backcountry hiking and anything having to do with animals.

Keith Walsh

EVP, Expert Engagement

Keith helps an array of clients—from biotechnology to device manufacturers to consumer product companies—to craft credible scientific narratives grounded in available evidence as well as patient and physician needs. Understanding the importance of the messenger as well as the message, Keith works with clients to plan and execute tailored, strategic engagements with leaders in their respective fields. Keith partnered with our Science Visualization Group (SVG) to develop expert optix—a proprietary tool to identify and assess individual experts, their interests, and their strengths. A wine lover, Keith recently moved to the Bay Area with his wife and daughter.

John Cooke

EVP, Science Strategy

Shuttling across borders and continents, John has represented BioScience for 20 years from perches in New York, Toronto, London, and now Los Angeles. He specializes in science strategy, message and narrative development, and scientific publications strategy and execution. John is also a highly effective facilitator of workshops and advisory boards. During his seven years in the London office, John served as a senior leader working extensively with a range of European pharma clients. John lives in Los Angeles with his partner and adopted whippet, where he is contemplating his next novel.

Alex Brownstein

EVP, Emerging Science & Bioethics

Alex has worked for clients around the world and specializes in science strategy, emerging technologies, advances in clinical practice, and the interplay between science and society. In addition to his 18 years of working in biomedical and healthcare communications, Alex has assumed a complex and eclectic succession of roles, including writer (for Nature Biotechnology), bioethicist, chief administrator at a cancer genomics research facility, general counsel at a biotechnology company, and lawyer (doing pro bono work representing victims of domestic violence and in support of endangered species). He lives with his wife in Schenectady, New York, where they create habitats that are friendly to butterfly and bee populations.

Jennifer Johnson

SVP, Digital Engagement

Jennifer, known as JJ, is our digital connector, helping BioScience deliver its health science stories to desired target audiences via the internet and social media platforms. Her focus is on health care professional communications, but she is also experienced connecting with patients, payors, and hospital systems/groups. JJ also contributes intensively to the development of the websites, apps, videos, VR experiences, etc., through which digital strategy is implemented. Competitive by nature, she plays beach and indoor volleyball, and in her spare time volunteers as a USA swimming official. JJ lives at the Jersey Shore with her husband and two daughters.

About Us


BioScience Communications, a division of Daniel J. Edelman, Inc., is a trusted partner to biopharma, medical device, and emerging science companies worldwide.

Since its founding in 1995, BioScience has grown and evolved in tandem with the changing healthcare and regulatory environment and extraordinary research and technologic advances. We have continued to adapt and expand our core medical communications, science writing, and creative capabilities, and have developed expertise across the range of established and emerging therapeutic categories.
Clients consistently give us high marks* for strategic counsel, scientific depth, creative solutions, and flawless execution – all with careful attention to compliance. Our high retention rate among senior personnel reflects a positive work environment and the stability of service essential to quality work.

*Average 9.3/10 overall score across >75 client quality questionnaires (E2 index)